Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Recently the vinyl resurrection has included the occasional...

Recently the vinyl resurrection has included the occasional remastering and reissue of classic 60s and 70s albums on 200 gram vinyl. Usually these are limited edition runs of a few hundred or a thousand numbered copies. If you miss out on the initial availability they can then jump from their initial price of $30-$50 to several hundred dollars.

I have a few of these 200 gram vinyl editions. Among my favorites of these are the albums “All The Young Dudes”, released in November 2014, and “Mott”, released in November 2016, both by Mott the Hoople. I got numbered copy 676 out of 1000 of “All The Young Dudes” and number 150 out of 500 of “Mott”. Both are pretty sweet. Thanks Mott the Hoople! #vinyl #mott #mottthehoople #200gram #200gramvinyl (at Casa de Recuerdo)

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