Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Devil's Strip - The City Owns It, You Maintain It

I can't really water my tree lawn anymore what with the recently imposed water rationing. However, my berm is on the verge of becoming a nature strip. My parkway is being used as a planting strip while my boulevard is useful as my utility strip. My devil's strip is used more for midnight triple witching hour burnt offerings than as a sidewalk buffer.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ten Twitter Tweets For The Tweetless

Ever feel like tweeting on twitter but don't have anything to say or don't want to be one of the inane idiots who post things like "Off to the grocery store!" or "Waiting for the bus!" ? Well, wait no longer - you can use one of the following ten tweets any time!

Top Ten Tweets for the Tweetless:

1. Be Awesome and/or funny:

I can sleep and breathe. At the same time!

2. Throw out an obscure pop reference only the hip will get:

You know my name, look up my number! #beatles

3. Show off your brobdignagian reflexive vocabulary:

Eschew obfuscation!

4. Make sure everyone knows you mean business:

Meet my bitches! @sugarwilla @spoonsie @ColleenCoplick @zoeyjane @MouthyGirl We are all awesome. Follow them. Because I said so!

5. Associate yourself with others greater/smarter/funnier than you:

Follow @ronrecord He is either funny or informative and often both.

6. Amuse and inform:

"A man that ain't willin' to cheat for a poke don't want it bad enough" - Augustus McRae in "Lonesome Dove" by Larry McMurtry

7. Be a hip media guide:

Check out this super cool way early flash animation at

8. Rally the troops when necessary:

Support Joss: Save Dollhouse. Fans get their voices heard @BuddyTV Please ReTweet and join the cause.

9. Remember, YOU are the party!:

Just bought a round of Ginger Thai's here at the Redroom. Get down here quick or they'll all be gone!

10. Ok, sometimes you can just let people know what you're doing:

Heading home for the night. See you guys in the future or, if not, in the pasture.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My saytweet test twitter canvas

Here's my attempt to use I'm a little disappointed the tinyurl's in the tweets are not linked. But, a cute idea and it is still in Beta.

Chris (in the swing) is saying the latest tweet from @juliaroy while I am speaking my own last tweet. The pic is dynamic and updated with the latest tweet from whoever you tagged it with. If it would improve to be more readable and clickable it might actually be a nice way to view multiple twitter feeds embedded in a photo.