Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Leave The Hook In

Put me on the back burner
Keep the fire turned down low
Stir me slowly now and then
Or I just might boil away
Toss me in your catch bucket
Or throw me back into the river
Don't let me flop around forever
I must drink or I must swim

You can leave the hook in
You might wanna reel me back in
You can leave the hook in
I like havin' that hook in

I make a pretty good spare tire
A backup in emergency
Toss me in your trunk and lock it
I just might come in handy

Like a worn out pair a' shoes
It still feels good to slip me on
While lookin' for some new ones
No sense in tossing out the old

You can leave the hook in
You might wanna reel me back in
You can leave the hook in
I like havin' that hook in

I don't mind it here on layaway
While you shop around the town
Just remember to redeem me
By my expiration date

Put me on the back burner
Leave me here on layaway
Throw me in the trunk and lock it
Toss me in your catch bucket

You can leave the hook in
You might wanna reel me back in
You can leave the hook in
I like havin' that hook in

Friday, August 26, 2011

Birth Announcement Letter to My Parents

While perusing one of my mother's old photo albums I found a letter I had written her and my dad shortly after the birth of my first child. It's not dated but it would have been sent sometime in late July or early August of 1978. Here it is, verbatim and unedited.

=============letter begin===============


    Congratulations on your first Grand Son. He (& We) are doing well (better than ever), living peacefully in the mountains of Southern Oregon. We are presently laying in the grass in the sun at the base of an old dead tree in the midst of a meadow, a mountain towering over us to the NorthEast. The grass is incredibly high, the meadow bountiful with seed, the mountain still partially covered with snow, & the old dead tree (our tipi totem) inhabited by bird families (owls & falcons) and covered by soft green moss. Next to that stands an old dead tree with a cross growing out of it - Like this - [ed: here I drew a sketch of the dead tree]. Everything here is beautiful, very peaceful, lots of wild animals, grasses, tall trees, water, clear sky, & dead wood for fuel.

    Baby birthing was lots of fun & amazement for me & lots of work for Melody. The night of the Cancer Full Moon (July 19) , she went into Labor (after having walked several miles that day checking water sources with County Health officials) and continued to have contractions all night. That night there were only 5 or 6 people in camp and very quiet & although it was a short Summer night, it seemed forever. Just after dawn, Melody started uncontrollably pushing and in minutes the baby was born, dripping into a patch of sunlight streaming in our tipi door. I caught him as he came out & seeing his body still enclosed in the sac, tore it open, allowing Sun to take his first breath - a good hearty yell. I gave him to Melody - he started nursing almost right away, and began cleaning up (what a mess). After a while (1/2 - 1 hr), Melody squatted and pushed the placenta out (huge!) and we let him nurse & rest a while before we cut the cord (tied with umbilical tape). Being born in the veil, all his passages were clear (eyes ears nose throat) and he was clean.

    First visitors were Govt. Anthropologists wanting to know what is the spiritual basis of the Rainbow Tribe. Baby is very peaceful, hardly ever cries; very awake-aware, likes colors. very strong, can hold his head up, grab fingers & neat feet. Very good Son & nice to sleep with. Melody takes real good care of him & i try to take good care of her (wash dishes & diapers alot). We'll be keeping in touch, staying here probably rest of summer, then head south (try to visit you in early fall - or you can come see us this summer if you get up this way). Looks like baby falcons are ready to fly,

        See you Soon,
        Ronald, Melody, & Robin

P.S. Please Send these xtra Announcements to folks who would care- I don't have everybody's address - Mary Ellen & Otis, Vada & Steve, Chuck & Sonya, etc.

==============letter end================

Our tipi is the one in the middle, to the foreground. The tree to the left is where the owls and falcons lived. You can see the dead tree to the right and Mount McLoughlin rising out of the trees in the background. What I didn't include in the letter was that the umbilical cord was wrapped around Chris's neck and his face was all blue. I managed to pull the umbilical cord off and turned to find Melody hemorrhaging horribly. I had prepared a salve of slippery elm, golden seal, and myrrh and that seemed to stop the bleeding fine. So, other than that, everything went perfectly smoothly!  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Epitaph of Belle Starr

Somewhere near Hooker in Eastern Oklahoma, the grave lies past a plum thicket, beyond an alfalfa patch, through a grassy field fringed with sycamores and blackberry vines, to a forgotten and scrub-tangled knoll above a river. The inscription was written by her daughter, Pearl, and reads:

        Shed not for her
            the bitter tear
        Nor give the heart
            to vain regret
        Tis but the casket
            that lies here,
        The gem that filled it
            Sparkles yet

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Revitalized Tumblr Blog

I've recently revitalized my Tumblr blog at http://ronrecord.tumblr.com

Mostly some of my favorite photos, fractals, quotes, etc. Kinda the cream of the crop. Check it out!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Brave she is               And scared 

Delicate               And strong 

Broken glass and rocks
Surround her
Battling dragons daily
Her laughter overcomes 

Simple deep and true
Feeling life too much
Sensing death too near
Dancing all night long 

She wants to hear the angels sing
She talks with those long gone
Walking through the shadows
Hearing hidden songs 

Maiden fairie elven queen
Lover of the sleep
Dancer slacker sister lover
May you find peace in dream