Friday, January 9, 2009

Kudos to UPS

One of the many modern day annoyances is the automated phone tree that customers have to navigate to get to a human. Many times it's just simply impossible to call and speak to another person. If you do finally get through I've found it to be universally the case that whatever information you've provided to the computer voice on your way here you then have to provide all over again to the human. Stuff like your account number or social security number or product you're calling about. Why isn't that information passed along to the customer service representative ?

Well, today I called UPS with a tracking number for a package I'm waiting for and - for the first time in my experience - all the information I provided the fairly smart computer voice was correctly passed to the service rep.

Kudos UPS! And it's only 2009. Think what will be possible by 2025!