Wednesday, March 15, 2017

In 2013 Analog Productions created a 200 gram vinyl re-release...

In 2013 Analog Productions created a 200 gram vinyl re-release of Steppenwolf’s first studio album “Steppenwolf”. This album, originally released in January 1968, was an immediate hit for the band rising to #6 on the pop album charts and the song “Born To Be Wild” to #2.

The 2013 edition reproduces the original silver foil album cover with remastering by the remaster master Kevin Gray.

It is a real pleasure to be able to listen to this, one of the best albums of all time, on such high quality vinyl and remastered with such skill. It’s a really good album. Thanks Steppenwolf and thanks Analog Productions!

Notes for the Steppenwolf superfans:

“Born To Be Wild” was written by Mars Bonfire who was in The Sparrows before they were renamed Steppenwolf. On the original pressings of “Steppenwolf” to song “Born To Be Wild” was credited to Mars Bondfire and the 2013 re-release faithfully reproduces this original spelling/misspelling.

“The Pusher”, track 2 on side 2 of “Steppenwolf”, was written by Hoyt Axton and appeared along with “Born To Be Wild” in the film “Easy Rider”. Axton was born and raised in Oklahoma and wrote “Heartbreak Hotel” which became the first major hit for Elvis Presley. He also wrote “Joy To The World” and “Never Been To Spain” for Three Dog Night. Axton struggled with cocaine addiction and “The Pusher” is one of the best indictments in song of the black market drug culture.

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