Thursday, August 27, 2015

Found on FB with the following comment: A meme that’s...

Found on FB with the following comment:

A meme that’s more insightful than we think it is. The representations through art history of the enigmatic, the alluring, the haunting and the transcendent combine to reveal themselves as what they are, and always were - our selfies of our selves as all-consuming westerners inheriting our image of ourselves as subjects of art and gazers at images. The selfie captures, as we once said a photograph “snaps” the aperture shut, like a trap, that frames and dis-locates a temporal portion of time and space and makes it mobile and retrievable into memory, or reproducible as a category, a genre, an art class, a souvenir, a parody, a collage, a collective memory, an album, an essay, a book, a tea-towel, a meme. #art #selfie #artselfie

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