Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marcy Playground "Indaba Remixes From Wonderland"

Marcy Playground today announced the upcoming release of the remix of "Leaving Wonderland ... In a Fit of Rage". What makes this remixed album remarkable is it "marks the first time that an entire album has been produced exclusively using crowdsourced remixes". Marcy Playground previously released all of these songs in separate mixable components and asked the public to submit remixes. This is the result and it sounds, in many cases, even better than the originals! Here's kudos to the best band you may not have even heard of and a group that has continued to astonish us with the quality of songwriting, performing, and now, crowd sourcing.

If the embedded code below doesn't work for you, try EMI's site.

Here's what Marcy Playground singer/songwriter/guitarist John Wozniak had to say: "I wanted to make this record to show people what the online music community is capable of. I believe the talent reflected in these tracks speaks for itself. This community is thriving. It's thriving because musicians feed on inspiration they get from other musicians. Music is not meant to be a solitary endeavour. It's something we like to do with other people. But maybe you live in a remote part of the world, or have problems with mobility because you're physically disabled, or have severe social anxiety, or simply can't find other musicians in your locale who share your musical interests. Indaba side-steps these limitations, giving musicians all over the world a way to get together and create anyway, which is revolutionary."

Enjoy these and buy everything Marcy Playground does - they have consistently been just super. My favorites so far - "Blackbird" (first version), "Star Baby" (amazingly different and cool), "Emperor" (haunting), "Good Times" (remember that little band I like to call the Beatles?), "Down the Drain" (makes my head bobble). But they are all great. My only complaint is they left the awesome guitar track out of "Gin and Money". All in all - way thank you crowd sourcing!

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