Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My initial impression of posterous.com (awesome)

Today I setup a free acount with posterous.com. I then connected it to my Flickr, Facebook,
Blogger, LiveJournal, Wordpress, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts. Sending an email from any
of my authorized Posterous email addresses to post@posterous.com then posts the email to
all of these sites as well as my Posterous blog. The full body of the email gets posted to my blogs,
the subject of the email is a tweet from my Twitter account (any URL in the body is shortened and
added to my tweet), photos are automatically posted to Flickr. Holy autopost!

Posterous also has a bookmarklet that I easily added to my Firefox bookmark bar so I can now
just click "Share on Posterous" and automatically post a photo, video, or text to all of these sites.

I realize I probably have many more sites than the average person but it's not unusual for a person
to have a Flickr account, Twitter account, Facebook account, and maybe a blog. Posterous is an
awesomely supercool way to manage all these and post to them all easily and quickly.

Anyway, check out these sites to see if this actually worked:


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